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CE-IV - Abduction

Alan Godfrey Encounter

  • When a police officer loses twenty minutes of time after coming close to an unidentified object, later regression would bring out memories of abduction.

Antonio Villas Boas Incident

  • A Brazilian farmer works at night to avoid the heat during the day, but experiences an unexpected encounter by a female alien humanoid instead.

The Allagash Abductions

  • Two brothers and their friends went out camping in the North Maime woods. What looked like a nice night of fishing turned into a nightmare that would change the rest of their lives.

The Betty and Barney Hill Case

  • One of the first and most intriguing abduction cases, the Betty and Barney Hill case is one that has intrigued ufologists for over half a century.

The Emilcin abduction

  • Jan Woslki, an farmer from East Poland began his day with a walk to one of his fields. Little did he know that his day would have some surprise for him in store.