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Antonio Villas Boas Incident

  • Case Number: #0113
  • Date: 16 October 1957
  • Time: During night time
  • Location: São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Witness(es): Antonio Villas Boas
  • Classification: CE-IV - Abduction
One of the first and lesser known cases studied by ufology is that of the then twenty-three year old farmer of an area near Sao Francisco de Salles in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, named Antonio Villas Boas, who claims to have been abducted and sexually seduced by a female alien humanoid. The case would go on to be one of the first to be internationally publicized and due to the reluctance of Antonio to want to gain any attention from it, would also be one of credibility.

Lights in the sky

The strange incident leading up to the abduction would begin ten days earlier, when Antonio, after opening his shutter at night to get some fresh air, noticed that there was an unusual bright light up in the sky. He went back to sleep, but on waking up a few hours later, he noticed that the light was still visible and woke his brother to look at it. Then on the fourteenth, a few days later, Antonio and his brother were out working on the farm at night, which they did often to avoid the heat of the days, when they again noticed the same light, but this time at about three-hundred feet above their heads. Antonio went closer to investigate it, but as he did the light shot at incredible speed away from him. He ran to where the light had gone and as quick as it had travelled before, it returned to the spot it had begun from. This sequence went on for about twenty times, until Antonio grew tired of it and returned to his brother and continued to work.
The next night, Antonio was working alone, when at the same spot where the light had been, he now noticed a red light. As he gazed up at it, the light began to come towards him at an incredible speed. As it came closer, he could make out that the light was actually a sort of craft that was roughly a circular shape, or a sort of egg shape and made of a metallic type of material. The red light that he had first made out he could now see was on the front of the craft and it also has a spinning dome-like structure on its top. As it came close to the ground, the craft lowered three legs from its bottom and at this point Antonio, fearing for his safety began to retreat away, firstly in his tractor, but then as this malfunctioned, he jumped off and ran by foot.

subdued and taken into the craft

Antonio then claims that as he ran, he was accosted by a small humanoid being, about five foot tall and wearing grey coloured overalls and a helmet and then as he fought it off, another three beings, of the same stature and dress, also joined and managed to subdue him. He would say later that they did not speak, but instead made grunts and barking sounds. The humanoids, overpowering Antonio, took him into their craft by hoisting him by his arms and legs and once inside they immediately stripped him of his clothes, rubbed a strange gel all over his body with a sponge and then put him into a large semicircular room. He claims that on the door there were strange red symbols that he remembered vividly, he would make drawings of them later during his interviews.
Once in the room, the humanoids forcibly extracted blood from him through an apparatus attached to his chin and then led him to another room where he was left alone for approximately an hour. During this time, an unknown foul smelling gas was pumped into the room that made Antonio feel ill and disorientated, he believes that it was some sort of disinfectant.
It was then that another humanoid came into the room with him. This time it was a female who was also naked and who he described as being unusual but still very attractive, with blonde to almost white hair, large cat-like blue eyes, a pointed chin, bright-red coloured pubic hair and broad hips with heavy thighs. Antonio claims that he felt an overwhelming attraction to the humanoid and had sexual intercourse with her and as he did so, instead of kissing him, she bit gently on his chin and made strange noises like a growling dog. He believes that the gel that they put onto him could have had a sort of Viagra effect, which made him be able to carry out the intercourse under such pressured circumstances.
When the intercourse was over, the female humanoid gestured to her stomach and then pointed to the sky, as if telling him that she was now with child and would raise the baby back on the planet that they had come from. She also seemed to now act as if she was relieved that the process was over and this made Antonio feel angry, as if he had in a way been used as a sort of stud stallion for the humanoids.
After this, they gave him back his clothing and gave him a tour of their ship. Antonio claims that he tried to take a clock-like device from the ship as some way of proving the experience he had gone through, but they noticed him doing it and stopped him. He was then led back off the craft and he watched as it glowed brightly and took off back in the direction that it had come from.
When he got back to the farm house, he noticed that four hours had gone by.

aftermath and research

For a long time after the incident, Antonio would suffer with nausea, a weakened feeling and headaches. He would also have lesions come out on his skin whenever he received slight bruising. These legions would be very painful, pustule-like and discoloured.
He would eventually contact the Brazilian journalist, Jose Martez, who would go on to place an advertisement in his paper, asking for anyone with a UFO experience to come forward. He also contacted Dr Olavo Fontes of the National School of Medicine of Brazil. Dr Fontes worked with the American UFO Research Group, APRO.
After a thorough investigation, Dr Fontes came to the conclusion that Antonio had suffered a large dose of radiation poisoning and was experiencing radiation sickness to a lesser degree.
There was no need for Antonio to undergo hypnosis as he remembered his experience vividly.
What makes this case so intriguing and credible, is that Antonio Villas Boas never wanted any publicity or attention from his story. The full account only came to light years later and the earliest print reference to it was in the Brazilian UFO periodical SBESDV in the month of June, 1962. The case was also one of the first and this left the conclusion that Antonio had not been influenced by UFO hysteria or mass media coverage of such stories. The famous Betty and Barney abduction would not happen for another four years, which was one of the first to cause an international interest in such phenomena and bring the thought of alien abduction to the masses, especially an isolated farmer in the Brazilian countryside.
Those who interviewed him about the abduction claim that he retold the story in a calm, rational and unimaginative manner, though he did get a little embarrassed when he went in into detail about the sexual parts of the story.
Antonio would go on to become a lawyer with a family and children and throughout the rest of his life he would stay adamant of the truth of the story that he had told and what he had experienced that night.
In 1991, at the age of 52, he would pass away and it is reported that it was from a very unusual disease.
Is it possible that this small time farmer from the outback of Brazil really did become one of the first people to report being abducted by an alien race, and could his offspring now be living on another planet far from our earth?

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