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The Emilcin abduction

  • Case Number: #0105
  • Date: 10 May 1978
  • Time: 8 am.
  • Location: Emilcin, Poland
  • Witness(es): Jan Wolski
  • Classification: CE-IV - Abduction
In the month of May, 1978, in the remote hamlet of Emilcin, in Poland, a UFO sighting and abduction report, would go on to become one of the most fascinating, baffling and intriguing in the history of ufology study for both Poland and the rest of the world. The close encounter story, told by the down to earth farmer, would become so significant due to the lack of media contamination that could have influenced such a tale.

hitchhiking aliens

Jon Wolski, who was seventy-one years old, began his morning and farm duties and left the yard on his wagon, pulled by his trusted mare, at the early hour of five ‘o’ clock. He travelled along the remote route for about two hours and then he claimed to have seen two men, who were walking briskly and appearing to jump slowly, as a deep sea diver would if walking on the sea bed. They were on each side of him and when they noticed he was watching them, they slowed their pace so they could study him better. It was as they got closer that Wolski noticed that they were small, standing at approximately five foot tall, a green tint to their faces and were wearing a sort of all in one grey jump-suit. He commented in his interview that he thought they were foreigners, due to having such slanted eyes and prominent cheek bones, saying that he had once saw a man from China and they reminded him of that man. As the two beings came to the side of his wagon, they both jumped on, sitting one each side of him but slightly back. He then claims that they began to speak in an in-comprehendible language to one another and he commented that it was spoken like: tatatatata. He then noticed that their grey all in one suits seemed to come to an end with a type of foot flipper. The beings then, using gestures to communicate, guided Wolski to their desired direction and he complied easily, as he felt he was not fazed by the whole account and it is quite common for lifts to be given on wagons in the remote area where they were.

Floating vehicle

They travelled for some time and then entered a clearing in a densely wooded area, where they came in to the presence of a strange vehicle that appeared to be hovering in the air. Wolski describes the vehicle as being of like polished aluminum of a pure-white colour and of a rectangular shape with a curved roof, like a bus. It was approximately ten foot wide and fifteen foot long with a depth of about ten foot and had barrel shapes on each corner that were mounted on large rotating screw like sections, which had a buzzing sounds emanating from them. Wolski describes that his mare became spooked by the craft and one of the beings had to grab hold of the reins to bring her to a halt. Once settled the beings then gestured again for Wolski to come off the wagon and as he did a platform type lift was lowered from the craft. It was not made for men of his size, maybe only two of the smaller beings, and so he went onto the platform with one of them while the other waited below. They were then lifted into the craft to a dark rectangular room that had the same grey appearance of the beings clothing. In the room there were about eight to ten benches located around the edges that were each big enough for one person to sit on. There were no doors or windows on the craft and Wolski also noticed rook type birds that were against the wall on the side opposite from the door and they seemed alive, but in a paralyzed state. There were two beings already waiting inside the craft and they were dressed in black suits the same design as the all in one jump-suits the others wore and had the same facial features. These two beings gestured for Wolski to go towards them, and once he was there they again gestured for him to take off his clothes. Wolski said in later interviews that they seemed very interested in his belt and examined it with a surprised smirk on their faces. Wolski complied with them to undress because of the surreal situation he was in and once he had taken off all of his clothes, the beings went on to use an apparatuses, which was like two large plates, to examine his body, gesturing for him to move about as they moved the plates over him.

Experiments and ice-cream

As they carried out their experiments he could hear a clattering noise around him and the beings talking amongst themselves, then once complete, they gestured for him to put his clothes on and he was free to go back to the platform to take himself back down to the ground out of the vehicle. As he walked through the craft, he noticed that the beings were eating something that looked to him like icicles, which they were breaking down into chip like forms, and they appeared to have a type of webbing between their fingers and lumps on the tops of their necks, though he could not tell if the lumps were on their bodies or part of the suits, as they covered all of them, except for the hands and faces. They offered some of their food to Wolski for him to taste, but he declined as he did not know what it was or what it could do to him, then before he left he turned and said goodbye and bowed and was surprised when the beings bowed back to him. Once down from the craft he got back onto his wagon and he put his mare to a gallop to hurry home. When he arrived there he rushed to the house looking for his sons, but his wife told him that they were not there so he went franticly to the yard to find them in the barn. He told them to go with him quickly to the spot to see the craft, describing it as a “car in the air” and as they went more neighbors joined in and followed them to the area. When they arrived at the spot, the craft and the beings had gone, but on inspection, they could see that there were almost rectangular shaped markings on the ground and there was a large amount of footprints in the area, which was so secluded it would be unusual to have any.

more witnesses

On investigation, a boy of six years old had also witnessed an aircraft resembling a bus flying over a barn and then climbing vertically before disappearing out of sight. Wolski told the police what had happened, but he said they just laughed at him and asked him, “Were you drunk?” After the incident, psychologists, sociologists and physicians from the University of Lodx examined and questioned the Wolski claim and also his background and found that he seemed a credible witness. In his declarations Wolski signed an oath and wrote: “I solemnly swear by God that my account about the encounter with extraterrestrials on 10th May, 1978, is absolutely true, as God as my witness I am telling the truth.” UFO investigators consider the Wolski case to be a bench mark example of abduction, due to the little or even no contamination that would have influenced the story from the outside world and over exposure to alien and UFO sighting stories that are so common in other counties. In July of 1978, two months after the incident, Worski was interviewed by Henryk Pomorski and Krystyna Adamczyk and he told in detail a convincing rhetoric of his abduction tale. Wolski was always sure of his experience with the “freaks” as he jokingly called them and to his death he remained strong about his story. Sadly, in 1990, Wolski passed away, but his account of a UFO sighting and close encounter with the aliens left a big impression on not only the UFO research societies of the world, but also on the locals of his hamlet in Emilcin, Poland, so much so that a monument in memory of Wolski and his encounter has been erected at the spot of the apparent incident and can be seen to this day.

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