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Loch Raven Dam Incident

  • Case Number: #0122
  • Date: 26 October 1958
  • Time: 10:30 pm.
  • Location: Loch Raven Dam, Maryland, U.S.A.
  • Witness(es): Multiple
  • Classification: NL - Nocturnal Light
Close to the Loch Raven Dam, which is north of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on the night in October of 1958, two men would have a UFO sighting that would lead to them taking themselves not only to the police to make a report, but also to the local hospital claiming that their faces were burning, presumably from the light off the UFO. 

Egg shaped ufo

Others that night would hear and see things of a similar description to what the men saw and the following day, very close by, others would also have strange sightings. 
The men, who are only known as Mr. C. and Mr. S., would describe in their report of how they had decided to go for a drive together on the roads around the dam. It was around ten-thirty in the night and though dark, it was a clear and starry sky. As they passed the dam, they continued down the twisting road that leads to the valley. 
Mr. C. explained that on that particular part of the route, the lake nor the bridge that goes over it, is visible at all. They continued along the road, then took the left turn that leads to the bridge that is approximately two-hundred to two-hundred and fifty yards ahead. It was at this point as they came into view of the bridge, that they noticed what appeared to be a flat and large egg-shaped object that was in a way hanging motionless in the air over the top of the structure of the bridge. 
The men, who up to that point had been travelling at about thirty miles an hour, slowed the car and began to creep closer towards the bridge along the road to get a better look at what it was. It was then, when they were approximately seventy-five to eight feet away from the bridge that the car suddenly stalled and went completely dead. Mr C commented later that it was as if the electrics on it had been affected in some way, with the lights, both interior and exterior, ceasing to work. 
Mr. S. then tried a few times to restart the engine, but to no avail. The car’s engine would not even turn over and there was no sound coming from it at all. 

sonic boom

The men gave up trying to start it and instead, for a few moments, the watched the object from the car, but they soon became uneasy about what they were seeing and decided to leave the vehicle. As they did so they noticed that there was nowhere to go as the road was very narrow and the lake was one side of them and on the other side was a cliff, scared and beginning to panic they decided that they would go behind the car to put it between themselves and the hovering object. 
As they continued to watch it, they both thought that it could have been maybe a navy blimp. The men tried to rationalize what it could have been, but both of them admit that due to the unusual event of the car suddenly losing all power, it did make them suspicious and they did consider that it could have been something more. They both also estimated, from the amount of space that the object took up over the bridge, being about one third of its length, and by how high it was over it, that it was approximately one-hundred feet long. 
The men continued to watch it for about half a minute, then the object suddenly gave off a bright white flash, emitting a kind of heat wave that both of them felt warming their faces, and which was much brighter than the original glowing light that it seemed to give off up to that moment. The men described the flash of light as being not like a burning light, but more of a sort of ultraviolet light, like something radiation would come off. Simultaneously to this flash of light, there was also a loud boom noise, which they would say was sort of like a clap of thunder or a dull explosion. The type of noise that would be heard when a plane broke the sound barrier. 
After this the object then began to raise into the air vertically and very fast and as it did so the men noticed that it became very bright, so much so that the edges of it became blurred and indistinguishable, making it difficult to determine the objects shape. In approximately five to ten seconds it had completely vanished from their view. 

radiation poisoning

After the object had gone, the men returned to their vehicle and were surprised that in the first try it started without any problem. They then turned in the road a little further ahead where it widened and headed back in the direction from which they had come. They then went straight to the local police station to report what they had seen and it was while they were there speaking to the officers that they noticed that their faces had a strong burning sensation. They asked the officers if they noticed any redness of their faces but they said no, but still concerned with the feeling, after they had finished giving their reports, they decided that they would take themselves to the local St. Joseph’s Hospital to get checked out. 
Both were examined briefly by doctors, but they seemed not to be too concerned with the symptoms the men were complaining about, however a police officer who was at the scene and had some experience with radiation burns, did tell the men that if it was radiation poisoning, it would develop more slowly over the course of time. Thinking that they had nothing to worry about at that moment, the two men returned home, yet the next day they did complain that their faces were redder in appearance and still burning. 
There were also other witnesses to strange events around the same time as the men’s UFO sighting. Another was a Mr M, a man who was well known and was considered to be a reliable witness, who claims that he saw a luminous white object, which disappeared in an instant after he watched it move in a fast and straight line in a north easterly direction for a while. 
It is also reported that at the same time as the bridge sighting, a number of staff from a local restaurant all heard the same noise, which was similar to the one that had been heard by the men when the object began to rise into the air. The claim that they heard a sort of double boom, though the second one may have been an echo. They did not see anything however as they were all at work and indoors. 
There is then the UFO sightings of the following day, where between the time of five minutes past nine to fifteen minutes past nine, two people claim to have witnessed a shape of the same dimensions and colour as the one the day previously, hovering motionless over a field close to Lock Raven Road, which is close to the bridge. They say that the object then disappeared instantaneously in the air. 
Two other people also claim that they witnessed exactly the same thing, a hovering luminous white object, that evening as they travelled along the road on their way home. 
After the incidents were reported, the Air Force did a report on their own findings. In the Project Blue Book, they state that all of the witnesses were considered to be of a good character and trustworthy and intelligent people. 
In a later media report, Mr. S. would state that he hoped what he saw would help to understand the phenomena of such sightings and he would also state that: “I do know that they exist, now I have seen it myself. I am not saying it was a flying saucer, I don’t know. I do know there are at least things now as UFO’s.”

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