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NL - Nocturnal Light

Bernard Misery case

  • A businessman is witness of a big sigar shaped craft launching saucers above the Seine river. This happend during France's biggest UFO wave at the 50's.

Berwyn Mountain Incident

  • When the residence of a remote village witness a ball of fire appearing to crash into the mountain, the lack of any physical evidence leaves then dumfounded by their experience.

Loch Raven Dam Incident

  • Two men have a UFO sighting, which will lead them to the police to report this incident but also to the hospital for their burned faces.

Rendlesham Forest Incident

  • When a brightly lit object descends into dense forest, local military take chase and are confronted with an amazing sight.

The Battle of Los Angeles

  • With battle raging over the skies of Los Angeles, could it have been war nerves or was there a more sinister perceived threat above the city that night?

The St. Clair County Illinois Sightings

  • When numerous witnesses, including several police officers, see a craft moving slowly across the night sky, it is not easy to dismiss the sighting as a hoax.