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Pilot Sightings

America West Airlines Flight 564

  • In the May of 1995, an enormous UFO would be sighted by an American West Airline crew and would go on to be a sighting of such significance due to it being one of the first incidents on record to briefly officially involve the US government agency NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Committee.

Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter

  • When two experienced pilots claim witness to having a near miss with an unidentified craft, the credibility of the story has to be taken into account.
Flight JAL 1628

Flight JAL 1628

  • A flight between Tokyo and Paris encounters a huge UFO. The pilot tries evasive maneuvers but does not get rid of the thread. 

Swissair UFO Near Miss

  • Did these two experienced flight crew witness a UFO passing dangerously close to the plane, or could it have been yet again a weather balloon, as claimed by the government?
The Coyne Helicopter UFO Incident

The Coyne Helicopter UFO Incident

  • A helicopter crew are returning to their base, not aware that a red light is following them in high speed. What happens next will frighten the whole crew.

The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

  • When a pilot and his plane vanish over the coast of Southern Australia, his last report of a strange object with lights is implicated by some in the disappearance.

The Iranian UFO Encounter

  • With multiple high ranking witnesses going on record and an experienced jet pilot claiming an encounter as he was scrambled to the sky, the Tehran sighting is one that has to be considered for its credibility.