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Pont-La-Dame UFO Sighting

  • Case Number: #0123
  • Date: 28 October 1958
  • Time: 7.55 pm.
  • Location: Pont La Dame, Aspres-sur-Buëch, France
  • Witness(es): Jean Boyer
  • Classification: DD - Daylight Discs
Another case that is of significant interest to the study of UFO sightings is that of the disc shaped object witnessed by Jean Boyer as he travelled home through the roads of the Pont-La-Dame, which is in the valley of the Grand Buech River. With striking similarities with the Loch-Raven-Dam UFO sighting and with it being just two days after that day, it makes this brief encounter with a UFO one of much interest to ufologists throughout the world to this day.

ufo at the bridge

Jean Boyer, who was from the area of Beylon-de-Montmaur in France, was returning home on the evening of the twenty-eighth of October, 1958, when at approximately seven fifty-five, he would witness what he would later describe as an object that looked like two plates glued together hovering over the dam.
As he drove along the route, just reaching the place where the road known as Cote des Eqaux is about six-hundred to seven-hundred meters away from the bridge, Jean noticed the luminous disc hanging motionless in the air above the bridge. He stopped his car and decided that he would get out for a better look at it. He would describe the craft as being approximately two-hundred to four-hundred meters above the ground and looked like a large circle with a smaller circle within it. Jean watched the craft for a few minutes, but then as he had left his car head-lights on, he decided that he would go back and turn them off so the light would not distort his view.
It was just as he did so that the object began to emit a series of dark-red sparks form beneath it, which he would later say resembled burning magnesium, and it then began to rise quickly and vertically into the air, leaving behind it a fiery trail, which then turned into a faint glow before vanishing completely.
As it rose at such speed, Jean felt a rush of air that must have been disbursed by the object as it went, and he claims that it was so powerful that it rocked his car.
It is important to point out in this case, that Jean Boyer had positioned himself, and his car, near enough directly underneath the object in the sky. This is vital in pointing out that from this clear vantage point, he would have been able to make out clearly that the object was definitely hovering free in the sky above the bridge and was in no way a part of the structure or a man-made object that was attached to it in any way.
It is also important to emphasize, that while there are some significant similarities between this case and the Lock-Raven-Dam case, that there are also two very big differences in the UFO sightings. Firstly, it is apparent that unlike the Lock-Raven, the Pont-la-Dame encounter had no interferences with the witness’s car and its ability to function. Secondly, it is also apparent that as the object left at speed, it did not emit any sound, which is unlike the Lock-Raven craft that sounded like a large sonic boom.


There was also a large number of other witnesses to the object as it departed from the Pont-la-Dame Bridge, most of them were motorists who were traveling on the same road that was not far from the road that Jean Boyer was on.
What makes this case one of such significance, is it striking similarities to the Lock-Raven UFO sighting. Though there are some differences, it is still important to take into consideration what both parties witnessed and also to consider the fact that at the time of these incidents, the popular culture of UFO’s that is prevalent today, was not so in 1958, and also the complete lack of media attention on the first case, completely dismisses the possibility of Jean Boyer hearing about it in France and coming up with a similar story for attention, especially as it was only two days later, and at the time news, even if it had been publicized in any way, did not have the ability to travel so far in such a small length of time.

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