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Ranton Farm Sighting

  • Case Number: #0124
  • Date: 21 October 1954
  • Time: Afternoon
  • Location: Ranton, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • Witness(es): Jessie Roestenberg and sons
  • Classification: CE-III - Sighting With Entities
On a quiet farm in the countryside of Staffordshire, England, in 1954, Jessie Roestenberg and her sons were going through the normal routine of daily life until they would be witnesses to a UFO sighting that would change their lives.

Object shaped in a Mexican Hat

Considered to be a down to earth woman who had led a full and interesting life, Jessie was interviewed on numerous occasions around the time of the sighting and then also over fifty years later, and her claims of what she saw did not vary in any way. To this day she remains adamant of what she saw and states that she does not care whether the sceptics believe her or not, she knows what she witnessed.
It can also be said that due to her life experiences before the UFO sighting, she could not be considered a woman who would be easily fooled into mistaking a known man-made aircraft for something else. At the age of 15, Jessie joined the British Army motor transport section and then later she had served with the woman’s’ land army.
From the interviews of 1954 by Shropshire UFO researcher, Gavin Gibbons and local UFO researcher Wilfred Daniels, and the later interviews, fifty years on, the unchanged claim, given by the softly spoken Jessie, begins with her being inside the farmhouse and waiting for her sons to arrive home from school.
As Jessie went about her business, preparing for the arrival of her boys, she began to notice a very loud noise, she would later describe the sound as being like when a large amount of water is thrown onto a very hot fire but a thousand times louder. Being concerned that it could be the sound of an aircraft crashing, she ran into the yard to see if she could see her sons and bring them quickly indoors. As she got out into the yard, she noticed that her sons where running towards the house and as they got close they dived onto the floor in fright as if they thought that whatever the object was in the sky, it was maneuvering as it if was coming into land. Jessie ran to them and it was then that she noticed the craft that was hovering over their house. Jessie described it as being huge, covering the entire roof of the farmhouse, about 60 feet across and was the shape of a Mexican hat, being a dome type shape, which seemed to be divided into four sections, with two on the front and two on the rear, the front being transparent and the rear being constructed of a silver metallic material. There was also then a metallic section on the top that seemed to be rotating quickly.
Jessie continued to watch the craft as it hovered above the farmhouse. She claims that it was hovering so low and tilted as if coming down and because of this she could see the two beings who were inside it very clearly.

Nordic Aliens

They had skin like ours, she claimed, and their foreheads were high, with their facial features being more on the lower part, though that could have just been what they looked like due to the things they had over their heads, which were like large fish-bowls. She also described them as being ‘beautiful people’ with long golden hair that reminded her of the pictures that you see of old fashioned kings and they were wearing polo-necked jumpers like you would see skiers wearing. Jessie also claimed that the beings had a compassionate look on their faces and seemed to look back at her sympathetically. ‘They seemed to be looking at me as I looked at them’ she would say in an interview.
Jessie tells of how she watched this for what seemed like a very long time, but it was most probably only about fifteen seconds, she was just in a sort of mesmerized state, though at the same time petrified and frozen to the spot.
As she came around, she looked to the ground beside her to check on her sons and by the time she looked back the craft had disappeared.
Asking her sons where it had gone, the one pointed high into the sky and they then watched as it circled anti-clockwise three times and then flew away and out of sight.
Though at the time she was petrified, Jessie told in later interviews that she would not be frightened again and in a way even felt privileged that it had been her that had witnessed the extraordinary sight.
After the craft had gone out of sight, Jessie took her sons indoors and remained there, hiding under the kitchen table, until her husband came home from work. When he did return, Jessie frantically told him of the UFO sighting and then he talked to the boy’s one at a time to get their stories, he then telephoned the Stafford police and they sent out a sergeant and five constables, who took the accounts of the witnesses.
For some time after the incident, Jessie claims that she felt revitalized, but then eventually she began to notice a rash appear on her face and some front parts of her body. She also began losing weight at an alarming rate and eventually decided that it would be wise to go and visit her doctor for a check-up. The doctor, who was well aware of the UFO sighting due to it being a small area where news travelled fast, quickly seemed to dismiss her health problems as being due to mental health issues.
Jessie was deeply offended by this accusation and she sought the advice of a psychiatrist, Dr. Wilson, and on examining her he came to the conclusion that she had no mental health problems.

Radiation exposure

This Dr. Wilson, on discovering that the original doctor had not given Jessie a chest X-ray or blood tests, escorted her to the hospital and had the checks carried out. Her chest X-ray came back clear, however it was noticed that her blood count was very low.
A haematologist commented that ‘if it didn’t sound so ludicrous, I would say you have been exposed to a massive dose of radiation.
Jessie was given twice weekly injections of iron, but she claims that they made her feel ill until the hospital determined the correct dosage.
After the UFO sighting, Jessie found a comfort and a new interest in writing poetry as well as getting a book published on the events of that day called ‘On a clear day’. One of the poems that she wrote about the event would later be inscribed onto the grave of her husband, Tony, who passed away many years later.
The Ranton farm UFO sighting is one of credibility due to the sincere manner of the main witness, Jessie, who was a down to earth and well-spoken lady with plenty of life experience that would consider her not sheltered from technology and one who would easily be confused by a man-made aircraft. The fact that it was also witnessed by her three sons is also evidence of the incident being one that can be taken seriously.

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