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CE-III - Sighting With Entities

Alfred Burtoo Case

  • When an elderly man relaxes by the side of a canal for a night of fishing, he would have no idea his night would involve him being taken aboard a spaceship

Cisco Grove Incident

  • When a man gets separated on a hunting trip, he would have no idea of the frightening encounter he would endure as he sought safety in a tree for the night.

Close Encounter of Cussac

  • When two children spot what they think are four small children playing nearby, they are shocked to watch as they levitate into a nearby-unidentified craft.

Father William Gill Sighting

  • With multiple witnesses and the reliance of Father William Gill, the sighting in Papua New-Guinea of crafts and humanoids is one of the most intriguing cases for UFO study.

Hasselbach Sighting

  • When Oscar Linke and his daughter were returning home, an unfortunate incident would leave them walking by woods where they would see something amazing.
Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

  • Members of two families at the farmhouse reported being terrorised by gremlin-like creatures.

Ranton Farm Sighting

  • Did Jessie Roestenburge really see humanoids in a craft above her quiet rural farm or could it have been a case of mistaken identity?

The Flatwood Monster

  • The Flatwoods Monster incident is a highly significant in the study of UFO’s and extraterrestrials due to there being multiple credible witnesses.

Varese Encounter

  • When a factory worker’s attention is caught by a bright flashing light, he would have no idea that by approaching the object he would be shot at by humanoid beings.