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The Allagash Abductions

  • Case Number: #0111
  • Date: 20 August 1976
  • Time: During the night
  • Location: Allagash River, Maime, U.S.A.
  • Witness(es): Jim and Jack Weiner, Charles Foltz, Charles Rack
  • Classification: CE-IV - Abduction
When Jack Wiener began having terrifying nightmares, he kept them to himself for years. Over a long period of time he would wake up frightened from seeing visions of himself, his twin brother and their two friends in a brightly lit room, naked, confused and with feelings of his and their lives being in extreme danger. He describes the situation as being one of utter terror, with a shadowy figure coming from the light and wondering why his friends, who were all close by, would not come to his aid. Waking up sweating, his wife would comfort him, being the only one who knew of the experiences over the years he kept silent.

Fishing trip going bad

Then in 1988, he decided that he would confess the dreams to his brother, Jim, and to his total shock and amazement, his brother would come clean to him about having suffered for years with the exact same nightmares. They both talked about the dreams becoming more and more realistic and how the fear in them was growing to be more extreme.
It was from this that they decided that the dreams must have been in some way connected and could possibly be linked to a UFO sighting that the both men and their friends claim to have witnesses some twelve years previously while on an outdoor trip in Maine.
Their encounter had occurred in the year 1976, while the foursome were spending two weeks travelling and camping around the Allagash River, which was part of a thousand acre landscape which included a number of lakes, canals and mountains.
On the trip were the two twin brothers, Jack and Jim Wiener and their two friends, who they had met while studying art at Massachusetts College of Art some years previous, Charles Foltz and Charles Rack.
The trip was one of adventure and exploration and up to the second night this is what they had been experiencing, however, on this night things would begin to become more of an adventure than any of the men had planned. In the sky above the trees, they noticed that there was a very bright light, much lighter than the surrounding stars. They used a pair of binoculars to get a closer look, then after about twenty or thirty seconds, the object appeared to blink from the outside in and vanished. Thinking that it was most probably a weather balloon or even a helicopter that had simply turned off its lights, the men continued with their trip not mentioning it much after.
Then, on day four, two days after seeing the bright object, they decided that they would do a bit of night fishing as their food supplies were running low and they thought they could have a restock with what they could catch. Knowing that the nights around the lakes would get very dark, they decided that they would light a large bomb fire to help guide themselves back once done. They all claim that the one that they built was of an extensive size and that it would have burned for at least a minimum of four hours, then as the night began to set in and darkness began to fall, they set out onto the lake in their canoe.

lost time and fatigue

They were not out on the water very long when one of the men, Charles Rack, had the distinct feeling that there was something or someone behind watching him, so he turned his head over his shoulder and was surprised to see the light from two nights ago had returned and was hovering silently in the sky. He immediately told the others to look, and they all turned, as if they know where exactly to look and came to see the object. They said that it was a large circular globe of about eighty feet in diameter and that it was emitting a great light that was so bright, like the sun, which lit up the trees just beneath it. In excitement at what they were witnessing, they decided that they would try and signal the object with their own light. Charlie Foltz picked up the torch and began to use his hand over it to make light signals in the form of Morse-code, saying, SOS.
The reaction was instantaneous from the craft and as it started to move closer to them, it sent down a bright beam of light that began to come towards the men in the canoe. The excitement of seeing the object quickly turned to fear and the men began to desperately scramble for the shore.
The next thing all of the men remember was being back at the shore and all staring up at the object as it they were all standing for a picture. The craft was still there and they flashed the torchlight at it once more, but this time it did not respond, instead it flashed into a smaller size, then reappeared further away larger, then it simply flew up into the night sky and vanished. Back on shore the fire, which had been expected to last for several hours had gone out to just burning cinder, even though they all felt that they had been on the lake for about twenty minutes, then the men all strangely feeling fatigued, decided that they would all go to bed. They would say later that they could not believe that after all they had just witnessed, they did not want to stay up and talk about it. The next day they all packed up and carried on with their trip for ten days until going home.
Back home, no one believed their story and so in the end they kept it to themselves, though it would not go away for them as the nightmares that would go on to bring so much fear would begin.
Eventually after the brothers confessed their nightmares after so many years, they decided that they would go and find help for themselves. Jim got in touch with a Raymond E Fowler, who was a UFO investigator, and he immediately got the impression that this was an abduction case. He interviewed all four of the men and then recommended that they go and try some hypnotherapy sessions with a professional, who may be able to revive some of the memories of that night.
They all agreed to this and also agreed that they would not talk to each other about what they discovered until after the sessions had finished, so as to avoid influencing each other’s thoughts and maybe subconsciously adding to the stories.
What happened next was truly astounding, each man under hypnosis recalled the exact same experiences of being abducted by the craft and having been experimented on by the beings which were aboard it.

abducted and medical examined

They all claim that the beings, that had almond and metallic eyes, four fingers on insect-like hands and languid limbs, stripped the men naked and took samples of their skin and bodily fluids in a frightening ordeal that saw them laid down in a bright, doctor-like room and medically examined.
During their time under hypnosis, the men spoke of the beings talking to them with their eyes, telling them to do as they say and to not be afraid. Jim Wiener spoke of how he wanted to attack the beings and how they should not be doing this to people, and Jack talked of how their faces were right in his and how they were so terrifying to look into. Charlie Foltz went into detail about the experiments and tools used and how he could see what they were doing to Charlie Rack and how he looked in pain with his head back as they moved the instruments over his body, scraping and sucking up his skin. They all claim that they were powerless to help one another and all just sat there watching what was going on.
After all of them had undergone their sessions, all four men were brought together and told of the others exact same experiences. They could not believe how identical each ones story was and how when they spoke of it they could finish off each other’s sentences. They said that it was good to know that they were not alone and that they were not insane either.
Each man took a polygraph lie-detector test and passed easily, which only proves that what they say they experienced they truly believe to be true.
The Allagash case is one of the most discussed and best documented of alien abduction and from the evidence given, could be one of a truly convincing UFO sighting and abduction.

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