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Varese Encounter

When Bruno Facchini, a factory worker in his forties, headed outside his work place to get some fresh air and to check the equipment one April night, he would have no idea of the event that was about to happen and that would change his life forever. Known as a reliable and trustworthy man by all who knew him. Bruno was a well liked and respectable guy who would go on to gain nothing from recounting the experience that he had gone through. With this taken into consideration, it is unlikely that he would have made up such a story and his account has to be taken with some credibility. The people who knew him well would take his account seriously as they had never had reason to doubt what he had said ever before. With trace evidence also left behind from whatever and whoever was at the location that night, it would also be unlikely that to help aid in the fabrication of the story, a man of such respectable nature would go out and plant such evidence at the scene.

landing ufo

It was on the night of 24th April, 1959, in the region of Veresy, Northern Italy that Bruno was working the late shift in the factory on the outskirts of the village. At approximately ten pm, he went outside of the factory doors to get some fresh air and when there he decided to go and check that none of the circuit breakers had no popped. Bruno though they may have been affected by the lighting storm that had just passed, which had been one of the worst that the area had witnessed in a long while. As the last of the flashes were dispersing into the night as the storm faded away, Bruno made his way along outside, and it was as he got a little further into the yard that he noticed that about two-hundred yards away, there was a green light sporadically flashing. Being concerned that it could be a problem with the local electrical system and that maybe a transformer that had been damaged, he decided that he should go for a closer look, thinking that if it was something serious, he would have to alert the authorities before it caused serious damage. As he approached he studied the light and he could see that it was coming from an enormous black shadowed object that was round in shape but had a sort of flattened top. He could also see a ladder that had descended from the bottom center of the craft. He then noticed that the green light from the top of it was obscuring a being who seemed to be carrying out some sort of welding. He would describe the being as being about the size of an average man and it was wearing a tight suit, like a diver would wear and it wore a mask which covered its face and it then had a sort of breathing tube coming from its mouth with a slit at the end. The beings made guttural sounds As his eyes adjusted to the light, he then noticed that there were other beings, all of around the same size and all dressed in the same sort of outfit and they were moving about outside the craft just below the ladder. He counted three of them in total and he would say later that it was as if the suits slowed their movements down, like a diver would move when under water. Thinking that it could be an experimental craft for the nearby military airbase and it could be in some sort of trouble, Bruno decided that he would head over to it and see if the men needed any assistance.

Invitation in the craft

As he approached the humanoid creatures seemed to be surprised, but then they began to make a guttural sound and then began to gesture as if they were inviting Bruno in to their craft. As he was close he was able to have a quick glance inside and he would later claim that he saw a second ladder and the walls of the craft were covered with tubes, cylinders and gauges of varying sizes. He also noticed that the craft was making a sound that he described as being like a very large bees nest sound. By now Bruno had realized that the situation was not what he had anticipated and that the beings were most likely not terrestrial. Understandably by now very nervous, he turned and began to run from the craft and the beings. As soon as he had got a reasonable distance from it, he heard the sound of the craft get louder and turned to have a quick glance and it was then that he saw one of the beings raise some sort of tube like instrument from its side and out of it came a beam of light. The light hit Bruno and he would say that it was like being blasted with a very strong jet of air. He was sent crashing to the ground, though thankfully unhurt in anyway serious. Bruno would claim that he did not think the beings intended to hurt him in any way, but rather that the shot had been just a warning to frighten him from the craft. Lying on the floor paralyzed with fright, Bruno watched as the beings returned to the craft and the ladder was raised into it. It then began to make the sound even louder and then it rose into the sky and flew into the distance disappearing out of sight. Green fragments of trace evidence are left behind. The following morning Bruno went to the police and made a full report about his experience. The UFO sighting was taken seriously and they followed Bruno out to the area and examined the ground. It was then that they spotted that there was burned patched on the grass and there was also indentation marks as if a large and heavy object had been resting upon it. They also would find some fragments of a strange green colored metal-like substance. Recalling the welding-like process that one of the beings was carrying out the night before, Bruno assumed that the fragments were debris left from that. At a later date, the fragments would be examined and scientifically analyzed by the authorities and it would be discovered that they were a type of anti-friction material. This material contained several types of metal as well as a lubricant.

Analysis of physical evidence

In the September of 1953, UFO investigators again would send some of the green material away so as to conduct their own investigations. They would send them to a scientific institute that specialized in metallurgy. They would come to the conclusion that the material was 74% copper and 19% tin and other trace elements. Under strong magnification the color of them was a yellow/white. Though the findings of these tests conclude that there were elements from earth, it does not rule out completely the craft being one of an extraterrestrial origin as it could not be dismissed completely that the composition of the metal could not be made on another planet. With all the element of this case including trace evidence left behind and the credibility of a witness who was so respected and well known by the community, it is very unlikely that Bruno would have been one to make up such a story. As mentioned, he would also not gain anything from recounting his UFO sighting and frightening encounter with the humanoid beings. All in all, the Verese encounter would be one that would intrigue and interest ufologists worldwide for many years to come.

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