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Vins-sur-Caramy Case

  • Case Number: #0121
  • Date: 14 April 1957
  • Time: 3 pm.
  • Location: Vins-sur-Caramy, France
  • Witness(es): Mrs Garcin, Mrs Rami, Louis Bogolio
  • Classification: DD - Daylight Discs
In 1957, there was a brief, though significant, UFO sighting that would go on to be one of the best documented in the realm of those witnessed in the European continent. The case would also go on to be investigated by the French police, the gendarmes, the maritime police from Toulon and also some scientific consultants from both Paris and Lyon, and then eventually also examined by the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, the DST, which is the French equivalent of the American FBI. During the investigations, soil samples, photographs and analyses of the area in which the sighting took place was carried out, though there was never a large amount of press coverage. Instead information on the sighting was kept to the pages of both unpublished and published findings by investigators and those with a keen interest in the matter.

Flying spinning top

The credibility of this sighting is on part due to the witnesses, who were well known in the area of Vins-sur-caramy and were known to be honest and reliable people who would not be known as ones who would concoct a story for any gains. It is also noted that during the investigation, those who talked with the witnesses, all deemed them to be people of good faith. The local officials of the area, including the mayor of Vins, also all vouched for the character of all three of them.
Another point which can be made on the validity of the story and also the probability of what the witnesses saw being accurate, is the fact that the sighting was in broad daylight and the object that was witnessed was flying and hovering very close to the ground. With this in mind it is easy to come to the conclusion that it would have been difficult for the witnesses to have mistaken the craft for something that they would have been familiar with and that the distance and dimensions of it would have been more accurate to distinguish with many things around for them to get a comparison from.
It was three o clock in the afternoon when Mrs. Garcin and Mrs. Rami were walking down the Departmental Road 24, which is close to the Castle Vins-sur-caramy, about one kilometer east of the village. Suddenly, both women heard a terrifying noise and turned quickly to see where it was coming from. As they did so they were confronted by an incredible sight and one to which neither of them had ever seen before.
Flying close to the ground and moving slowly was a craft that they would later describe as being similar in shape to a cone or a spinning-top, with the pointed end of it facing towards the ground. It was approximately one and a half metres in height and one metre wide and it has a number of antennae protruding from its top, which were vibrating at an alarming rate. One of the women would say “It was like a big-top and on the upper part there were numerous metallic rods, like car antennae.”
It was as they watched it that they noticed the loud thundering noise that they had initially heard, was not coming from the craft itself, but was in fact the metallic road sign on the intersection, which was close to the craft and was vibrating violently in reaction to the vibrating of the antennae.
The craft then lifted off the ground and appeared to do a hop of about fifteen to thirty foot in the air, travelling over the D24 intersection and then another road, which leads to Bringnoles, and then it landed again.

more witnesses

As this was going on, Louis Bogolio, who was a municipal council member in Vins, was working on a hillside about three hundred feet from where the women were encountering the craft. On hearing the same thundering sound and thinking that there may have been a car crash in the area, he quickly began to make his way in the direction to help, but as he arrived at the scene he quickly noticed the large metallic craft that was by now hovering again. As he got closer to it, the craft began to rise again and in one motion it did another leap-like movement of about two hundred metres. It landed close to another road sign and that one then began to vibrate in reaction to the craft antennae’s vibrations and again there was the loud thundering sound. The craft then rose into the air and flew away from the area, disappearing over the horizon.
There was also another brief sighting of the craft, or one that was very similar, by two people who were in the village of La Mountonne, which is the neighboring village to Vins-sur-caramy. They claim to have seen an object of the same description as the one seen on the ground in Vins, though this was flying high overhead and passed by quickly.
Though this brief encounter was witnessed by people of such good character, there is little other information on it and it did not gain much media or international attention. It is however a fascinating case of a UFO sighting, and one, which due to the evidence surrounding it, is one of great significance in the study of such phenomena.

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