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The Humanoids

The Humanoids

This UFO book contains unpublished reports about one of the most controversial subjects in the field: the visitors behind the UFO mystery. Dr. W. Buhler, Aimee Michel, Jacques Vallee and Gordon Creighton combine forces and came forward with more than 300 unpublished cases that involves contact with the “beings” that control the flying saucers. They evaluate in detail the evidence that the contactees have presented.
This book is highly recommended for those who are not shy to dig in the disputable part of ufology.


  • Publisher: Henry Regnery Company
  • Author: Charles Bowen, Gordon Creighton, Aime Michel, Coral Lorenzen, Antonio Ribera, Jacques Vallee
  • ISBN-10: n/a
  • ISBN-13: n/a
  • Avail. on Kindle?: No

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