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The UFO Controversy in America

This UFO book is the dissertation of David Jacobs (PhD) about the controversy in science about UFO’s from the mystery airships from 1800 until 1973. It discusses the Robertson Panel and its effect on Air Force UFO Policy; the rise of NICAP; the struggle for Congressional Hearings and the Condon Committee and its aftermath.
This book is not about individual UFO cases and the science carried out. It is a narrative about the surroundings of the phenomena, the awareness of the public, the involvement of the media and the distraction by religious fanatics, visionaries and charlatans.
David Jacobs did an excellent job as a historian in explaining the major circumstances that shaped the perception of the UFO phenomena as we know it today.


  • Publisher: Indiana University Press
  • Author: David Jacobs
  • ISBN-10: 0253190061
  • ISBN-13: 978-0253190062

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