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UFOs, myths, conspiracies and realities

UFOs, myths, conspiracies and realities

John B. Alexander founded during the 80’s an internal agency within the US military to explore the UFO topic. This contradicts the conclusion of Blue Book which stated “ there was nothing anomalous about UFOs”. Why would you re-open the files? The findings of the author was that “UFO’s are not what they expected”. He wanted to understand and anticipate the workings of the phenomena. I’m quite sure that the military really wants to explore new technologies but not for humanitarian reasons. John B. Alexander was also participating in remote viewing experiments and according to some sources he was involved with atrocities such as the US military mind control project MKULTRA, where civilians have been abducted and brainwashed without their consent. Information from the US military about UFO’s should always be carefully dealt with since they have a proven record of spreading disinformation to cover up their black projects (U2, skunkworks, ...) This book should be disregarded and in case you are planning to read it, beware about the source of the information and the background of this author.


  • Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
  • Author: John B. Alexander
  • ISBN-10: 0312648340
  • ISBN-13: n/a
  • Avail. on Kindle?: Yes

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