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Aimé Michel

Aimé Michel

Aimé Michel was a French Ufologist. From Michel’s early life one would not expect him to progress to be a UFO specialist. He was awarded two diplomas in philosophy and psychology and in 1943 passed the entrance exam for studio sound engineering. In 1944 Michel joined the French Radio Broadcasting. It was not until the 1950s that Michel became involved in ufology.

Michel is most notable for his book Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery but he also wrote several other books on ufology including: Glimmering lights on Flying Saucers, About Flying Saucers, The Truth About Flying Saucers and For or Against Flying Saucers. Michel founded the theory of orthoténie with the help of Jacques Bergier using straight lines that related to large circles which ran threw the centre of the earth. It was along these lines that Michel believed UFO sightings were concentrated. The word orthoténie comes from a Greek word meaning “arranged along a line of fire”. This theory could be proof of an intelligent behaviour behind the UFO occurrences. This theory however faced some controversy when applied to longer time frames of UFO activity.

Michel was applauded for his step by step investigative skills and also his respect for the field of ufology which can be seen in his works.


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